Colchester tenants

59% of Colchester Tenants are White Collar Middle Class

With many Colchester tenants not able to buy their own property, my research suggests the increasingly important role the private rented sector plays housing people who need a roof over their head. At a time when first time buyers are finding it harder than ever to afford their own property and social housing providers (local … Read more

Colchester property prices set to drop?

Colchester Property Prices Post Brexit Set to Drop £22,800 in the Next 12 Months?

Even the most sane person in Britain has to admit the Brexit vote will, for better or worse, affect the UK Property market. Excluding central London, which is another world, most commentators broadly agree prices will be adversely affected by around 10%. Looking at commentators’ thoughts in more detail, Colchester property values will be 10% … Read more

Colchester property market bands

What’s Really Happening in the Colchester Property Market?

Just a few months since Brexit and we’re settling into  Autumn with the Great British Bake Off, Strictly and the new football season. Newspapers continue to publish the news according to the world view of their owners while the stock market is up and Sterling is down. Meanwhile I remain focused on most Brit’s favourite … Read more

Colchester property market

768% Rise in Colchester Property Market Prices since 1981

Roll the clock back 35 years to 1981 when Thatcher was in power, there was a Royal Wedding, Britain won the Ashes and Bucks Fizz won Eurovision with ‘Making your Mind up’. Haven’t things changed? The number of homeowners and property investors who said they wish they had hindsight and bought up every house in … Read more

Colchester property values in 2017 and beyond

Colchester Property Values in 2017 and Beyond

As the trees turn from green to hues of red and brown, Colchester property values and the property market has a confident feel to it. With the underlying fundamentals of a continued lack of properties being built, a shortage of properties (both in terms of quantity and quality) coming to the market and the continued … Read more