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Colchester Housing Crisis? Only 2% of Properties in Colchester Are For Sale

The Colchester Property Market continues to disregard the end of the world prophecies of a post Brexit fallout with a return to business as usual since the summer break. The challenge every Colchester property buyer has faced over the last few years is a lack of choice. There simply hasn’t been many properties in Colchester … Read more

Colchester property values

Colchester Property Values Still Increasing – Good or Bad News?

Last week a Colchester landlord asked me “How’s the Colchester housing market doing?” to which I replied “Quite strange” and went on to explain. Colchester property values went up 2.65% last month alone, leaving Colchester property values 14.5% higher than a year ago. An increase in demand from buyers and the continuing shortage of properties … Read more

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£6m in Stamp Duty Paid by Colchester Residents

“A pound saved is worth two pounds earned  – after taxes” is what my Grandfather used to say. He loved his irony, yet was always a wise man, and it is tax I want to talk about today, in particular, property taxation – Stamp Duty in fact.  Apart from some minor exemptions, Stamp Duty is … Read more