Colchester properties for sale

Colchester Properties For Sale – Unexpected 9% Autumn Boost

On a cold and foggy January morning there’s nothing better than a cooked breakfast so I arranged to meet up with a long standing client, and friend, at the Jubilee Cafe. We got chatting about the number of Colchester properties for sale. I had just completed my research for this blog post so our conversation … Read more

Colchester property price rises

Colchester Property Price Rises – 2017 Brexit Slowdown?

Colchester property price rises do look set to be more restrained in 2017. Although Brexit hasn’t had a sizeable impact on the Colchester housing market so far looking forwards the economic outlook remains uncertain so Colchester property price rises do look likely to be subdued in 2017.  However, I don’t think this is bad news … Read more

Colchester property market overview

Colchester Property Market Overview

2016 was certainly eventful in ways that will affect all our lives for years to come. The change of UK government following Brexit and Trump winning the US election means the world is entering a period of uncertainty. This Colchester property market overview looks at the prospects for Colchester landlords and homeowners. The headlines for … Read more

semi-detached house a good bet?

Colchester Semi-Detached House Prices Rise by 381% Over 20 Years

The semi-detached house with bay windows and net curtains has become both a cliche of suburban lifestyle yet remains a practical aspiration for owners of flats and terraced houses looking for a garden, an extra bedroom or a little more space. Owners of semis have enjoyed one of the highest price growths in Colchester with … Read more