rental income in Colchester

Colchester Rents Up 19% Since 2005 But Down 20% in Real Terms!

There’s a lot of interest and speculation about the prospects for the rental property market post Brexit. Understanding what happened during the credit crunch, and what has happened since, should help us better understand the possible ramifications for rental income and property values for long-term investors in the Colchester property market. The performance of rental … Read more

housing affordability in Colchester

Colchester Housing Affordability Ratio 9.6 to 1

The best measure of housing affordability in Colchester is the ratio of Colchester Property Prices to Colchester Average Wages. The higher the ratio, the less affordable properties are. The headline ratio of 9.6:1 is the estimated figure for 2016. Looking at the table below we can see housing affordability in Colchester has been relatively stable … Read more

Colchester property prices

Properties For Sale in Colchester Up 28% Good or Bad News?

With plenty of interest in properties for sale in Colchester I thought now would be a good time to take a snapshot of the Colchester property market in Colchester for the first quarter of 2017. When we look at the number of properties for sale, their asking prices, and the price properties actually sell for … Read more

flipping property in Colchester

Flipping Property to Make Money in Colchester

Colchester Property Prices Increase by £42.71 Every Day! Investing in Colchester buy to let property is different from investing in the stock market or depositing cash in a Building Society but there is another specialist area of property investment I haven’t talked about before called “flipping property“, here’s an idea of how it compares to … Read more