Colchester Property Values Rise 0.7% Month on Month

I do like to have a coffee at Harpers Caffe on Culver Street West in Colchester. Whilst in there, a suited gentleman approached me and asked if I was the person who wrote the newsletters about the Colchester property market. We ended up having an interesting chat about the local property market, as he was … Read more

Colchester Brexit property news

53.6% of Colchester Voters Voted to Leave the EU. What Now For Colchester Landlords & Homeowners?

It’s 5.50am as I start to type this article and David Dimbleby has just announced the UK will be leaving the EU as the final votes are counted. As most of the polls suggested a Remain Vote, it came as a surprise to most people, including the City. The Pound has dropped 6% this morning … Read more

9.5% rise in Colchester Property Values

9.5% rise in Colchester property values affecting town’s housing crisis Colchester’s continuing housing shortage is putting the town’s (and the Country’s) reputation as a nation of homeowners ‘under threat’, as the number of houses being built continues to be woefully inadequate in meeting the ever increasing needs of the growing population in the town.   … Read more

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Colchester Property Market – Bricks and Mortar!

The Land Registry have recently released the latest set of figures for the Colchester Property market which makes interesting reading. House prices across England and Wales stalled in May with no rises in the average value of a home during the month, according to the Land Registry. The average property price is now £179,696, according … Read more