Colchester properties for sale

Colchester Properties For Sale – Unexpected 9% Autumn Boost

On a cold and foggy January morning there’s nothing better than a cooked breakfast so I arranged to meet up with a long standing client, and friend, at the Jubilee Cafe. We got chatting about the number of Colchester properties for sale. I had just completed my research for this blog post so our conversation … Read more

Colchester property market overview

Colchester Property Market Overview

2016 was certainly eventful in ways that will affect all our lives for years to come. The change of UK government following Brexit and Trump winning the US election means the world is entering a period of uncertainty. This Colchester property market overview looks at the prospects for Colchester landlords and homeowners. The headlines for … Read more

Colchester property values

Colchester Property Values Still Increasing – Good or Bad News?

Last week a Colchester landlord asked me “How’s the Colchester housing market doing?” to which I replied “Quite strange” and went on to explain. Colchester property values went up 2.65% last month alone, leaving Colchester property values 14.5% higher than a year ago. An increase in demand from buyers and the continuing shortage of properties … Read more

stamp duty in Colchester

£6m in Stamp Duty Paid by Colchester Residents

“A pound saved is worth two pounds earned  – after taxes” is what my Grandfather used to say. He loved his irony, yet was always a wise man, and it is tax I want to talk about today, in particular, property taxation – Stamp Duty in fact.  Apart from some minor exemptions, Stamp Duty is … Read more

first time buyers prospects look good

First Time Buyers in Colchester Paying 13.1% More Than 12 Months Ago

But it’s not all bad news! Figures just released by the Bank of England, show that for the first half of 2016, £128.73bn was lent by UK banks to buy UK property. That’s impressive when you consider only £106.7bn was lent in the first half of 2015. Even more interesting, was that most of the … Read more

how interest rate cut affects Colchester

How Will the 0.25% Interest Rate Cut Affect the Colchester Property Market?

I had an interesting chat with a Stanway landlord who owns a few properties in and around Colchester. We had never spoken before (he uses another Colchester property agent to manage his properties) but, after reading my Colchester property market blog for a while, the landlord wanted to know my thoughts on how the recent … Read more

Colchester property prices set to drop?

Colchester Property Prices Post Brexit Set to Drop £22,800 in the Next 12 Months?

Even the most sane person in Britain has to admit the Brexit vote will, for better or worse, affect the UK Property market. Excluding central London, which is another world, most commentators broadly agree prices will be adversely affected by around 10%. Looking at commentators’ thoughts in more detail, Colchester property values will be 10% … Read more

Colchester property market bands

What’s Really Happening in the Colchester Property Market?

Just a few months since Brexit and we’re settling into  Autumn with the Great British Bake Off, Strictly and the new football season. Newspapers continue to publish the news according to the world view of their owners while the stock market is up and Sterling is down. Meanwhile I remain focused on most Brit’s favourite … Read more