generation trapped

Colchester’s “Generation Trapped” and the £8.21bn Legacy

This week I’m going to look at Colchester’s “Generation Trapped” which follows on from last week’s post about the issues facing Colchester’s “Generation Rent”. Attitudes to renting have certainly changed over the last twenty years and, as my analysis suggested, it’s likely to be a permanent change. Although a minority of Generation Rent do feel … Read more

generation rent forever

“Generation Rent Forever” Have No Intention To Buy a Property To Call Home!

During the “good old days” of the 1970’s and 1980’s we coped with 24% inflation, 17% interest rates, the three day working week, 13% unemployment and power cuts but at least most people aspired to buy their own homes. Most people in work could afford to buy their own homes. Why aren’t 20 and 30 … Read more

Colchester housing market unemployment 2012-2016

Colchester Unemployment Down to 3.7%. How Does this Affect the Colchester Housing Market?

In May 2016, Rt Hon George Osborne, MP for Tatton,  published an official HM Treasury analysis stating UK house prices would be lower by between 10% and 18%, by the middle of 2018, compared to what is expected if the UK remained in the European Union. Nine months after the Referendum let’s take a closer look … Read more

Colchester properties for sale

Colchester Properties For Sale – Unexpected 9% Autumn Boost

On a cold and foggy January morning there’s nothing better than a cooked breakfast so I arranged to meet up with a long standing client, and friend, at the Jubilee Cafe. We got chatting about the number of Colchester properties for sale. I had just completed my research for this blog post so our conversation … Read more

Colchester property price rises

Colchester Property Price Rises – 2017 Brexit Slowdown?

Colchester property price rises do look set to be more restrained in 2017. Although Brexit hasn’t had a sizeable impact on the Colchester housing market so far looking forwards the economic outlook remains uncertain so Colchester property price rises do look likely to be subdued in 2017.  However, I don’t think this is bad news … Read more