BTL sector in Colchester prospects

How Will The BTL Sector & BTR Sector Transform The Colchester Property Market?

The Colchester housing market has gone through a sea change in the past decades with the Buy-to-Let (BTL sector) evolving as a key trend, for both Colchester tenants and Colchester landlords.  A few weeks ago, the Government released a White Paper on housing. I have had a chance now to digest the report and wish … Read more

Is this bad news for buy to let Colchester landlords?

2.7% Drop in Essex and Colchester Property Transactions – Is the Buy to Let Dream Over

In this post credit crunch world of sub terrain low interest and annuity rates so low a limbo dancer would smart, the growth of buy to let since 2009 has been phenomenal. So much so, there has been an evolution in purchase of property in the UK from that of just buying the roof over … Read more