home truths about property ownership

Colchester Property Ownership Home Truths or Fake News?

Today I’m going to look at several popular “home truths” about property ownership in Colchester, and the UK in general, to see whether the statistics back them up. This home truths blog post was inspired by a conversation with a retired mortgage-free Colchester homeowner concerned about the lack of opportunities for the younger generation to … Read more

first time buyers prospects look good

First Time Buyers in Colchester Paying 13.1% More Than 12 Months Ago

But it’s not all bad news! Figures just released by the Bank of England, show that for the first half of 2016, £128.73bn was lent by UK banks to buy UK property. That’s impressive when you consider only £106.7bn was lent in the first half of 2015. Even more interesting, was that most of the … Read more