stamp duty in Colchester

£6m in Stamp Duty Paid by Colchester Residents

“A pound saved is worth two pounds earned  – after taxes” is what my Grandfather used to say. He loved his irony, yet was always a wise man, and it is tax I want to talk about today, in particular, property taxation – Stamp Duty in fact.  Apart from some minor exemptions, Stamp Duty is … Read more

tenant fees ban

What Does the Tenant Fees Ban Mean for Colchester Landlords and Tenants?

The new Chancellor of the Exchequer revealed a tenant fees ban in his first Autumn Statement on Wednesday 23rd November 2016. What does this actually mean for Colchester tenants and Colchester landlords? Tenant fees ban to be introduced within 12 to 18 months Rents due to rise as those fees passed to landlords Landlords won’t … Read more