Colchester Semi-Detached House Prices Rise by 381% Over 20 Years

Colchester Semi-Detached House Prices Rise by 381% Over 20 Years

The semi-detached house with bay windows and net curtains has become both a cliche of suburban lifestyle yet remains a practical aspiration for owners of flats and terraced houses looking for a garden, an extra bedroom or a little more space. Owners of semis have enjoyed one of the highest price growths in Colchester with an average increase of 381% over the last twenty years.

Semi-detached houses have outperformed their detached counterpart, which saw a rise of 369% over the same 20-year period. For smaller properties, flats and apartments rose 309% but were outperformed by terraced houses which rose 383%. Demand from buy to let landlords has played a large role in driving up the price of terraced housing (i.e. the price a buy to let landlord is prepared to pay is driven by the rent the landlord can achieve).

In 1996 the average value of a Colchester semi-detached house stood at £51,400, today it stands at £247,200

The main attraction of semi-detached houses remains they are cheaper than detached houses yet offer most of the same benefits for families. Hundreds of thousands of semi-detached houses were built during the Victorian and Edwardian periods, between the wars and right through to the present day. Interestingly in the late 19th Century and early 20th century semi-detached houses were more commonly referred to as “villas” which sounds more attractive, don’t you think?

Despite the popularity of apartment living across Europe the Brits preferred suburban comfort, being near – but not too near, their neighbours! I have heard it said that the semi-detached house is a peculiar crossbreed that doesn’t stand on its own – sharing a wall with its neighbour it literally doesn’t – but it remains a popular option for homeowners and families looking to embrace an urban lifestyle at a more affordable price.

Approaching One in Three Houses in Colchester is a Semi-detached House

There are 14,823 semi-detached properties in Colchester which represents 29.69% of all the households in Colchester. Colchester has a mix of semi-detached properties with the older classic bay fronted semis to more modern ones built in the last couple of decades. Older semi-detached houses traditionally offered a hall which provided separation between the reception rooms but with space at a premium modern semis are often built without separate halls to maximise the living space.

The garden is probably the key factor in the sustained popularity of a stereotypical semi-detached house. There’s often a front garden, physically separating the house from the rest of the world, along with a back garden offering privacy, gardening, outdoor entertainment and an outdoor space with fresh air to relax. For all those reasons 532 semi-detached houses have been sold in Colchester in the last 12 months alone.  Semis in the suburbs remain as popular today as they have been since Victorian times. Both the buildings and the concept have stood the test of time.

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