number of Colchester properties for sale now compared to 12 months ago

81.3% of Colchester Properties Have Three of More Bedrooms

Is this a Problem or an Opportunity? The orthodox way of classifying Colchester properties (and UK wide) is to count the number of bedrooms rather than the size of the house in square metres (although now we are leaving the EU – I wonder if we can go back to feet and inches?). It seems … Read more81.3% of Colchester Properties Have Three of More Bedrooms

spare bedrooms in Colchester

16,704 “Spare” Spare Bedrooms in Colchester

Are spare bedrooms the cause of the Colchester housing crisis? That isn’t a typo, of the 50,106 households in Colchester, 16,704 of those properties don’t only have one spare bedroom, but two spare bedrooms! … and it is this topic I want to talk about this week, my Colchester Property Market Blog readers – because … Read more16,704 “Spare” Spare Bedrooms in Colchester

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